Our mission is to help people and our planet through innovative sports products.

As a long-term active athlete, our founder Filip Matějka came up with the idea of developing his own textile material using graphene nanoparticles at the end of 2017. The main goal was to show that there is a much more interesting and gentle material for sporty textile use than the existing synthetic fibers. After two years of finding a supplier, actively developing and testing, we managed to create a functional prototype that met our initial goals. Although this is a very early form of material, we decided not to delay and finally go with the skin to the market.

As the first product, we chose a sports t-shirt, which is a very versatile means for both men and women. However, given how financially demanding the whole development process was and what funds were needed to start production, we decided to use the crowdfunding platform option to create a campaign where we were able to raise CZK 455,400 within a month - thanks to incredible support from contributors. And here it says the beginning of our journey to change the sports industry.

All our products are manufactured in the Třebíč sewing workshop, under the control of fully qualified and experienced seamstresses. Maintaining production in the Czech Republic is key for us. We wish to restore the Czech textile craft, which has held a long tradition with us.


In Manchester in 2004, two native Russian scientists discovered a new form of material called graphene through exfoliation. Six years later, they won the Nobel Prize for this discovery. And eight years later, we thought of creating a textile material out of it. And why is graphene so special? Graphene is the strongest and lightest 2D material in the world. It can conduct heat perfectly, has strong and flexible macromolecular bonds, antibacterial effects or high UV protection - UPF 50+.


Our t-shirt is partly made of recycled plastic bottles. There were several reasons why we decided to use recycled plastics. Graphene acts as a composite material, so it was necessary to use a certain solid foundation. At the same time, we were able to reduce the production price of the substance, as the price of graphene is still quite high. But above all, we wanted to help transform and reuse plastic waste.

♻️ plastic produces up to 55% less emissions.
♻️ up to 85% less energy is used.
♻️ 3 plastic bottles are used to make one t-shirt.

At the same time, our entire product packaging is made of bio-amortize - corn starch - and is therefore fully degradable under specific conditions. To print our products, we decided to use the innovative technology of the Czech company, which uses ecological printing of paints without heavy metals and phthalates.


In our company, we believe it is important to take care of those who need it most. Everyone should be able to live a full life. Therefore, since the beginning of the company, we have been cooperating with non-profit organizations that help children in children's homes or provide humanitarian assistance in developing countries. We donate CZK 30 to these organizations for each product we sell. In doing so, we want to show that even with small gestures it is possible to change the world for the better. We firmly believe that together we can save many lives.
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And who is Mowement, actually?

We are a Czech sports clothing brand from Prague, which is primarily led by three young passionate athletes, university graduates. However, we were helped in development and testing by a number of people without whom this would not have been possible. Our goal is to create technological sportswear with an emphasis on sustainability and thus inspire, to help people and our planet. We try to find and come up with new ways to help the world through movement.

Filip Matejka picture

Filip Matějka

CEO and Founder

Filip is the main founder of mowement. Its main activities are business management of the company, strategy, product development, communication with customers, graphic design and development of the e-shop. He is a successful graduate of an engineering degree at the University of Economics in Prague. For over 11 years he has been actively playing sports and loves to create new things.

Immanuel Adenubi picture

Immanuel Adenubi

Brand manager and co-founder

Immanuel is the co-founder of Mowement. In our country he takes care of brand management and marketing, which he has been working on for the last 3 years during his studies at newton college in Prague. He's really into exercise and following a positive lifestyle.

Lukáš Lískovec fotka

Lukáš Lískovec

Head of Growth

Lukas specializes in modern ways of developing startups such as Growth Hacking, Lean Startup or Design Thinking, which is why he holds the position of Head of Growth in our company. During his career he worked in several agencies and companies, where he solved projects for clients such as Invia, Mall, Kiwi, Škoda and other international companies.